Grup Moragas

Grup Moragas is a logistics company which takes the security and the occupation health of those who are in contact with our activity on responsibility. We are also self-committed to the quality of our services and sensitized with our environment.


Moragas Serveis Logístics, S.L.

Moragas Serveis
Logístics, S.L.

Logistics assessment offered thanks to the years of experience in this sector.
Ricars Moragas i Fills

Ricard Moragas
i Fills, S.A.

With over more than 40 years of experience and perseverance in the national transportation, we are able to offer a good level of service.

Magatzems Sant Hilari, S.L.

Sant Hilari, S.L.

More than 10.000 m2 of uncooled storage, with a capacity of 25.000 EUR-pallets, traceability control and stock management.
Aportación a la Gestión Logística, S.A.

Aportación a la Gestión
Logística, S.A.

Management of the expeditions to the customer's facilities.

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